In the beginning of 2016 my husband and I were living apart. He had just finished Physical Therapy school and started a job in the Boise, Idaho area. I was 8 months pregnant with our second child and decided to stay with my current doctor instead of finding a new one up there. During one of our nightly conversations my husband mentioned a documentary he had recently watched that had him diving into some major research in regards to our diet. He said he thought we should stop eating meat. The moment he said this two things ran through my head. First, who is this man and what did he do with my husband? His favorite food is BACON and he wants to stop eating meat? Second I wondered if this was it. This was the beginning of the end. How could we remain blissfully married when he wanted to stop eating meat? Yes I was somewhat dramatic but I was also 8 months pregnant and the only thing I wanted to eat was Chic-fil-a sandwiches.

Fast forward to the beginning of April. Our two year old daughter, two week old daughter and I finally moved up Idaho. We took the transition slowly (it’s still going on). We would eat a few vegetarian meals a week. As the months went on we cut more and more meat out of our diet until one day I realized it had been a few weeks since we had had any meat at all. I shockingly didn’t miss it at all. Even more surprisingly was the fact that our two year old daughter was eating (almost) everything we were eating.  It wasn’t until a vacation full of indulging in chicken and steak and hamburgers that we realized how heavy and terrible meat made us feel. So we made the commitment right then to eat a plant based diet.  We aren’t hardcore. We will eat meat occasionally, especially when dining at friends and families houses. We have found cheese to be a harder thing to give up. We had already moved on to almond milk a couple years ago but cheese. Cheese is life. We can’t deny the negative health ramifications cheese has though so we are trying to cut that down as well.

I am by no means a “health nut”. I am, like the majority of humanity, trying to be healthier. I love cooking and trying new recipes. Join me on the journey to eating a plant based diet and see just how delicious and EASY it is.