The Allplant Mama Challenge

7 days of delicious recipes, a ready to go shopping list and a fun way to start the year off right! What more could you want? (Someone to do the grocery shopping and cooking for you…. If I could, I would!)  Now listen there is no commitment or consequences to this and the reward is simply healthy delicious food. If you can only make two recipes this week no problem! If you can make all seven even better! I would love to see your creations and hear your thoughts on how a week of eating plant based goes for you and your families! Post a picture and be sure to tag  @allplantmama on instagram and use the hashtag #allplantmamachallenge

Monday: Vegan Lentil Chili 

Tuesday: Quinoa Enchilada Bake

Wednesday: Red Lentil Curry

Thursday: Vegan Creamy Garlic Pasta

Friday: Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

Saturday: Black Bean and Corn Tacos

Sunday: Vegan Lemon Chickpea Soup

Download the Meal Plan and Shopping list here:

Allplant Mama Challenge Meal Plan and Shopping List


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